Board of Governors – Slate of Nominees
2017 Annual Meeting Thursday, June 15,  3:00 - 5:00

New England Federal Credit Union, Harvest Lane, Williston, VT

Slate of Nominees for the VMBA Board of Governors, presented by the Nominating Committee, comprised of
members, Edward Levite,
Jeff Teplitz, Ingrid Serafini, Barbara Yanke, and VMBA president, Greg Hahr .  Filed
with the Secretary of the VMBA,Barbara Yanke, May 9, 2017.

Notice is hereby given to all Members of the Annual Meeting of the Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association at
which the following ticket of Nominees shall be voted on by the members present.  Any member in good standing
may nominate other candidates for the same positions.  Such nomination shall be in writing to the Secretary, per
the terms of the Bylaws.  A copy of the Bylaws is available by contacting the VMBA office.  
Submitted this 9th day of May,  Barbara Yanke, VMBA Secretary.

New Board of Governors Nominees

Name                                Term                                        Company

Nicole Hayes                        2 Year                                Community Bank

Current Board of Governor Members for Re-Election

Greg Hahr                        2 Year                                 New England Federal Credit Union
Michael Stevens               2 Year                                 Essent Guaranty  
Richard Kittredge             2 Year                                 Kittredge Mortgage Company