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Mortgage Broker Regs - June, 2014, Final Filed Version - B-96-1

February Draft VT Reg B-89-1

Broker Reg Revision DRAFT Clean Copy

Draft VT Mortgage Broker Reg B-96-1 Markup

H.431 Foreclosure Mediation - April 2013

Your national advocates - MBA MORPAC

VT Private Road Law - Effective July 2012


U.S. House passes H.R. 1728 Mortgage Reform & Anti-Predatory Act

2009 Vermont Bills of Interest
S-54  (Energy Districts )
H-222 (Page 69 - Reverse Mortgages) PASSED
H-171 Significant Changes to Licensed Lender Law SAFE Act
H-328 Foreclosure Update

VMBA 2/09 Letter of Concern to VT Congressmen

2008 Vermont Bills of Interest
H-644 VHFA Funding Cap Removal
S-284 VT Participation in National Licensing
S-355 VHFA Funding Cap Removal
H.765  repeal the property tax adjustment for homeowners
H.770  require that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors be installed
H-801stormwater bill
H.825 - appraisal limitation for reappraisal towns
H.826 - study personal information collected in VT and privacy issues
H.829 - Use Value Appraisal task force
H.834 - move filing deadline for property tax adjustment claims
Legislative Update
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